Hi there! We're the Morrill's, a husband and wife team thriving in a world of cookies. I, Mirryn, started Morr Decor in May of 2020. After finding myself working 2 full-time jobs and desperately needing a creative outlet, I made a few cookie stencils for a local baker. From there, I decided to open Morr Decor on Etsy, and later built morrdecor.com. Since opening, I have quit my jobs and worked hard to grow the business so that my husband, Brandon, could leave his 9-5 and work with me too! As of May, 2022, we are tackling this thing together. If you are reading this, if means you've found our site so I would like to say thank you for being here and for your support. Your business truly puts food on our table. Stay awhile and look around. I hope we can work together soon!